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Do you agree that with her V-shape face, flawless skin, perfectly defined nose and jawline, she is an advocate of beauty? Beautiful, is all about a numbers’ game. It is both a qualitative and a quantitative adjective. When you are one beautiful human as defined by the rest, you add one count to this world of beauty. But how can you ensure that you are being considered for this count? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you may be someone’s count of Beauty but not another. While being beautiful is a humble gift, this is one gift that you can achieve yourself, without the hassle and complexities of a surgery, and still be better.

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This ultimate pursuit of the Perfect Beauty, chase it, and you will achieve it. Pursuing the kind of beauty you need and want, is possible with today’s advanced scientific technology. We all know about there is no ugly woman, only lazy woman but we always have to remind ourselves to be hardworking. But, how long does this hard work need to go on, before we attain minimal satisfactory results?


Well, how does Eleve make your dreams come true? Facial Features will be categorised under a point system, where the perfectionist will give it a 10/10. In Eleve, we analyse your features upon consultation and share with you how to reach to perfect point 10. Each feature contributes a point to the scoring of achieving the definition of beautiful. Eleve will continue to execute the 6R-Principal Program’s life cycle for you to achieve your beauty goals.


Recognize    >    Redox    >     Reset    >    Restore    >    Rejuvenate    >    Retain


Eleve is the master controller of beauty. Beautiful people local, foreigners, artistes or commoners all have the same features with their slim, oval shaped faces, small and defined cheek bones and jawlines, alluring big eyes, luscious lips and gradient-defined nose bridge. With that golden proportion to balance that symmetrical face with clean and clear skin (no spot, no line), we make it both affordable and natural for you, abstaining from going under that blade.


We are all committed to help you deliver that more-than-satisfactory results in the possible shortest timeframe, at your convenience.

Our vision &
mission statement

Our vision &
mission statement


Our Mission Statement

Attain gracious and commendable beauty for all clients


Our Vision

To ensure that aesthetics beauty therapy is affordable to each single person.

Our Management

The management team consists of dynamic professionals of many years of experiences in various field.